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After wandering around Mevagissey unsuccesfully trying to find a restaurant that wasn’t full we plumped for takeway chips on the harbour again, this time from 2 different establishments.  Firstly Georgia with nuggets and chips from Central Cafe

So I didn’t try these chips myself but they got a “hmm yeah they’re OK” from daughter which is pretty much her highest category TBF with “these are rubbish” being the only other option.

Wife and I tried The Fish Grill which was a mobile place on the harbour. Good selection of options including grilled Mackeral but we plumped for the normal battered fish and chips.

Now as you can see the fish was again served on top of the fish but in this case it didn’t affect the cripiness of the chips, I’m assuming because the lid was left open.  Chips themselves were just of the frozed variety but were pretty good.

To diverge from the chips for a moment (contraversial I know) have to give a mention to the fish.  Some of the best battered fish I’ve had. Beer batter cooked really crisp and really fresh fish. Felt bloated and slighly sick at the end as couldn’t stop eating!

So all in all a success.  Bird wise not much else to report. A pied wagtail kept us company on the quayside along with the obligatory Herring Gulls.  I know they are billed a “nuisance” but I quite like them!

Mine, mine, mine!

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  1. Maybe you’ll have to change the name of the blog to chips and birds and fish……or is that just silly speak?!!!!

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